DJI Osmo Action 4k Camera

DJI Osmo Action 4k Camera: What to Know

Have you ever wanted to capture the thrill of a bike ride or the beauty of a sunset stroll, only to find that your usual camera or phone couldn't quite do the moment justice? Regular cameras sometimes have trouble in active situations. Imagine having a tool that makes every adventure and every sunset look even more amazing! The DJI Osmo Action 4K Camera is great for recording exciting moments in clear, stable videos. This camera helps you save and share your fun times in a clear and lively way.

This article explores the DJI Osmo Action 4K Camera, highlighting its features and ease of use. Discover how it enhances any adventure with superior video quality. Continue reading to learn more about elevating video experiences with this camera. 


Exploring DJI Osmo Action 4K Camera

Action cameras help people to make amazing videos. They're small and easy to carry. You can attach them to things like helmets, cars, or bikes. It lets you film from different views. They're also strong and can handle water, dust, and falls. This makes them great for filming sports or outdoor fun.

This camera can record in very high quality. It has amazing features. This camera is great for many different situations. It works well underwater and when filming a lot of action. These examples help you understand more about the Camera. 

Each feature of the camera is important to make better videos. Understanding these features lets you use the camera effectively and improve your video quality.


Features of the DJI Osmo Action 4K Camera

A. 4k Video Capability

4K video capability enhances high-resolution digital imagery, about four times the detail of 1080p. This technology, widely used in televisions and cinema, offers 3840 x 2160 pixels for consumer media and 4096 x 2160 pixels for professional cinema.

Shooting in 4K offers several benefits:

  • It provides extremely detailed and high-quality video. This allows viewers to see fine details, like hair strands or skin pores.
  • While not all projects require 4K, having the option means you can zoom in on footage without losing clarity.
  • The extra resolution in 4K is beneficial for stabilizing footage during post-production. This means even after editing, the video remains in high quality.
  • It captures more color details, reducing the chance of color banding. This is especially noticeable in scenes with gradual color changes, like blue skies.

B. Footage Stabilization

With 360° HorizonSteady stabilization, the camera makes sure your videos are steady and clear, even when things get moving quickly. This is great for activities where you're moving a lot because it keeps your videos from looking shaky and gives them a more professional quality.

C. Practical Uses and Advantages

The camera is tiny, light, and simple to take with you. It's great for everything, from everyday trips to serious outdoor games. Plus, it's tough. It works up to 18 meters underwater and can survive cold down to -20°C. So, it can handle everything from deep water to freezing places.

D. Design

In terms of design, it is compact and user-friendly. Its small size, resembling a matchbox, and lightweight, comparable to a small apple, make it highly portable. The camera's design includes a wide lens with a 155º field of view, allowing for expansive and dynamic shot composition. Additionally, its battery life is designed for extended use, ideal for long filming sessions or when you're away from a power source.


Performance and Image Quality

This is ideal for capturing adventures with its high-quality image and video capabilities. It records in 4K resolution, ensuring videos are crystal clear and detailed, akin to reliving the experience. The HDR (High Dynamic Range) Video mode allows for capturing a vast amount of detail quickly, resulting in professional-looking footage.

This camera uses common video types like MOV and MP4 (H.264). This makes it easy to watch, share, and change your videos on different machines. The three-mic system minimizes noise, enhancing the audio clarity of your recordings.

In terms of camera specifications, it is equipped with a 1/2.3" CMOS sensor with 12 million effective pixels, ensuring sharp images. The f/2.8 aperture performs well in different lighting conditions, and the 145° field of view captures expansive scenes, perfect for wide landscapes or dynamic action shots.

Low-Light Performance

In dark places, you can still take great photos with a camera. Just open the lens more by using a low f-number to let in more light. Slow down the shutter speed to let the camera see more light, but keep it steady with a tripod to avoid blurry pictures. Turn up the ISO to make the camera better in the dark. But not too much because the pictures might get grainy. 

You can also change the white balance to make the colors look warmer or cooler. For streaky lights in your photos, use long exposures. And if things are moving fast, try burst mode to take lots of pictures quickly. These tips will help you take clearer pictures in low light.


User-Friendly Features

It has a handy feature called Voice Control. It lets you give the camera commands just by speaking. Voice Control comes in handy when your hands are occupied. You can use Voice Control to begin and end recording, snap a photo, switch screens, and power off the camera. Just remember to activate Voice Control first. This feature is convenient as it allows you to operate the camera without taking it out of its mount.

It has special buttons like the SnapShot Button and Quick Switch Button. These let you start recording right away and switch between different modes quickly. You can even save your favorite settings in five custom modes and switch between them fast using the Quick Switch button or voice commands. This is helpful when you need to change settings fast for different shots. The camera's menu is simple, so you can adjust the settings easily.

Good Points:

  • Has a lens that can capture a lot of detail and keep the video steady
  • Can be used underwater up to 18m/59ft without needing a special case
  • Has screens on both sides that are easy to use
  • Works well even in dark places
  • Can show GPS information with the remote
  • Can slow down 4K videos for slow-motion effects
  • Can work as a webcam


Not-so-good Points:

  • Cannot make 5.7K videos
  • More expensive than the previous model
  • Not many new features compared to DJI Action 3
  • Battery doesn't last long when making high-quality videos
  • Easy to lose the quick-release mount
  • Needs a smartphone to activate the product



The DJI Osmo Action 4K Camera has many amazing features for taking clear photos and videos of fun activities. It's tough and simple to operate. It gives a complete overview of what the DJI Osmo Action 4K Camera can do and why it’s an excellent choice for capturing life's exciting moments.

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