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DJI Matrice 100 Custom Remote Inspection & Surveillance Drone Package - Ready-To-Fly Kit


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  • Full DJI Matrice 100 Single Remote Package
  • DJI Zenmuse Z30 Optical Zoom Camera
  • DJI Zenmuse X3 4K Camera
  • M100 Gimbal Mount Kit
  • M100 Dual Battery Kit
  • Professional Hard Case
  • 6 Additional TB48D Batteries (total of 5 batteries in package)
  • Tablet sized monitor hood (fits iPad Mini) for controller

DJI Matrice 100 based Remote Inspection & Surveillance Drone is a pre-configured, ready to fly package. This package contains both a standard X3 4K camera as well as a Zenmuse Z30 Optical Zoom camera. The Matrice 100 Dual Battery kit is also installed to increase flight time. In addition this package includes 6 extra TB48D batteries, a Hard Case, and a tablet-sized monitor hood for the controller. These are ready to use out of the case.


Aerial platforms are rapidly becoming vital tools for businesses looking to more efficiently collect information crucial to their operations. The Zenmuse Z30 is the first integrated aerial camera with up to 30x optical zoom and digital zoom up to 6x. This camera and gimbal system offers unparalleled image data capture. Enterprise users of DJI products are now able to capture the information they require from a greater range making image data collection significantly faster. Also, the Zenmuse Z30 significantly reduces risk of harm to both personnel and equipment.

The Zenmuse Z30 is the most powerful integrated aerial zoom camera on the market with 30x optical and 6x digital zoom for a total magnification up to 180x. Whether you are inspecting cell towers or wind turbines, it enables you to get a detailed look at structures, wires, modules and components for the purpose of detecting defects and damage.               


tb48d batteries High-performance intelligent flight battery built for the Matrice 100 with a power capacity up to 5700mAh, which will keep your aircraft going for even longer. When in flight, the remaining battery power is shown in real-time and advanced algorithms calculate the distance of your aircraft and estimated time to return home, letting you know when it’s time to fly back. The battery automatically provides information about the voltage of each cell, the total lifetime charges and discharges, and its overall health and status. All this helps you to prolong the operating life of the Matrice 100 for years to come.


Function: Provides installation space for an extra battery.

Feature: The Matrice 100 allows independent power supply modules that can fly with it. Multiple modules co-operate together to ensure a longer flight time. Adjustable mounting holes on the module enable you to adjust the position of the batteries and the center of gravity of the aircraft. This package comes with a 2nd battery tray pre-installed allowing longer flight times without landing